I’m an artist based in Portugal. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved drawing.
I always carry around a sketchbook with me, because I never know when inspiration might strike!

Since 2015, I’ve been making Gaming related artworks and building a portfolio. In that time I’ve improved my skills and gotten a great deal of experience as a professional, reliable and responsible artist.
Throughout my years of experience, I have shaped myself as a flexible artist capable of tackling many types of illustrations. I am still inspired by other artists, looking at art motivates me to better myself.

Someday, I hope to put together a large collection of my art in the form of an art book. I will develop my skills further until a time comes when I am ready to get started on it. Part of why I enjoy doing my art projects is because I enjoy making people’s ideas come to life. Nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than seeing my work on people’s servers, websites, and profiles, out there for everyone to appreciate. I try to perfect every detail to the best of my abilities and not only meet but also exceed my clients’ expectations. With each work, I am constantly improving and making sure that my work is always held in high regard.

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