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H ello! My name is Luísa and I am from Europe. I am an illustrator and I love to draw since I remember. At school I'd draw very often. Nowadays I always bring a sketch book everywhere, I never know when I get inspired to draw something! I simply love art and I cannot live without it!
Since October 2015 I've been building my Minecraft / Gaming artwork portfolio and I've improved considerably since then. It also gave me a good experience to be professional, reliable and responsible with my commissions. If you're looking for high quality, friendly support and fast service, do not hesitate to contact me.


I have shaped myself as an artist for many reasons, one of them is that I get very inspired from other amazing artists and want to create work as great as theirs. Looking at good artwork makes me want to draw more, because I know that if i continue drawing and improving my skills I will slowly become better and better. Another reason is to hear the great feedback and compliments people give towards my work, it's always a very satisfying and good feeling! I feel most inspired when listening to some music and researching about landscapes, natural images and animals. I am very influenced by nature and this is reflected on some of my drawings, which are in my portfolio. I want to create an Artbook of my own creations someday, while developing my skills in the process of doing so - it's something I've wanted to complete for a long time.


I do my art projects now because I enjoy to fullfill peoples ideas. I love to see others use my work on their servers, websites and avatars - it is really a great feeling to have my work appreciated. I consider my work to be very detailed, vibrantly coloured with a high level of shading and lighting. I make sure that every fine detail is done to the best of my abilities. I don't just create your project, I try to make it look better than expected! People always have a positive reaction towards my work. I always get praised and told that I am very talented, from both my friends and clients. This makes me want to develop my art skills more to keep those expectations high and fresh. I believe that I can always improve my work with confidence.